The best comfort food __________________ greens, cornbread, and fried chicken.

is being of is always be be always will always be       Comfort food is food that has a nostalgic or sentimental meaning for anyone and is distinguished by its high caloric content, high carbohydrate content, or ease of preparation. It’s likely that the nostalgia is unique to a person or to a … Read more

Susie was tired, she didn’t want to ____________ school.

went to go at went at go to       School provides us with an atmosphere in which we can master a variety of fundamental skills. They begin to learn the alphabet, numbers, and even some basic arithmetic. They can also work on their drawing, construction, problem-solving, and cognitive skills. School is the basis … Read more

Some media reports say the crisis ________________ the company £1m a day.

is be costing could be costing has been costed could have costing       Media stories put the ideas and goods in front of readers, the brand awareness and driving sales, but they only work if you can pique the reader’s attention right away. When writing a media storey, the primary aim is to … Read more

If you complete 5 projects on PeoplePerHour and charge the following amounts: £110, £80, £250, £98 and £105 – what is your average (mean) job value?

£134.40  £116.20  £140.80 £128.60       People Per Hour is an online group of freelancers that assists businesses in outsourcing specific projects to remote workers when required. Firms can select the people they need from a global talent pool, and freelancers can advertise their talents, thanks to cloud-based platforms. After that, each freelancer responds … Read more

What is the formula for the area of a circle with radius 1m (expressed in m2)?

Pi x 2 Pi x 1 x 1 Pi x 0.5 Pi squared     A circle’s radius is the length of a line drawn from its centre to any point on its circumference. Radii is the plural form (pronounced “ray-dee-eye”). Drag the orange dot around the circle in the diagram above to see how … Read more