Advanced Google Analytics Answers 2020 Assessment 4

Advanced Analytics Answers

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About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is professional tool that is used to track down a website overall performance whether its the location of the visitors or the Landing pages of the visitors or the time they are spending on your website. It tracks down all the data and provide you reports so that you can optimize you website accordingly if you find out any problem in there.

Why This Exam

Google Analytics Advanced is an Exam conducted by google to test the knowledge of the user’s of the Google Analytics. Whether they are working in the company or the individual user using it. Then they provide the certificate if the user passes all the test and comes out with the passing marks or above

Why we are Providing these Answers

As you know that even if you are a user of the Google Analytics, there is a possibility that you are not knowing the official language they are asking for. Then you can give Exams by taking the Hints from Here.

Where you can give this Exam

Here is the link of the Exam you can register on,Click Here.
Firstly you have to sign up there and after that you can give the Exam from the hints provided by this page.

Advanced Google Analytics Answers 2020 Assessment 4

1. What is “Remarketing” in Google Analytics?

When users visit a website for the first time and complete a conversion

When users are shown targeted ads to bring them back to a website and encourage a conversion

When Google Analytics can’t distinguish a new user because they have deleted their browser cookies

When a user buys an available product from a competitor

2. To enable Remarketing in Google Analytics, what must first be enabled?

(select all that apply)

Advertising Reporting Features

Demographics and Interests

Google Ads or Display & Video 360 account linking

Custom Dimension

Click here for Answers

3. Which Remarketing audiences can be defined in Google Analytics?

(select all that apply)

Users who visited a specific page on a website

Users who played a video on a website

Users who speak a particular language

Users who searched for a product on Google Search

4. Remarketing can show relevant ads on which Google properties?

(select all that apply)

Google Display Network

Google Sites

Mobile apps

Google Search

5. What is the maximum duration a user can be included in a remarketing audience?

120 days

180 days

365 days

540 days

6. What Google Analytics data can be used to define a remarketing audience?

(select all that apply)

Pre-defined Segment

Custom Segment

Custom Dimension

Custom Metric

7. How many user cookies does an audience list require to be eligible for Google Ads Search Ad remarketing?





8. Which users could be targeted with Dynamic Remarketing to bring them back to a website?

(select all that apply)

Users who posted a favorable product review

Users who viewed a website search result page

Users who viewed product detail pages

Users who abandoned their shopping carts

9. To set up Dynamic Remarketing for a retail vertical, what must be linked to Google Ads?

The Google Search Center

The Google Analytics Center

The Google Merchant Center

The Google Help Center

10. To set up Dynamic Remarketing, what must first be created in Google Analytics?

Custom Segment

Custom Metric

Custom Dimension

Custom Report

Advanced Google Analytics Answers 2020 Assessment 4

End of the Assessment 4th. If you have given all the answers from this page then Congratulations you have given the answers of all the questions Correctly.

Now after giving all the Assessments. Your result will declare and you will gain Certificate as shown in this Page.

You have to download that Certificate and Print it out if you need.

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