What is the volume of a shape (expressed in m3) that is 2m x 3m x 2.5m?

15 14 16.5 18     As previously stated, the volume of this box-shaped space can be calculated by multiplying its length, width, and height together (length x width x height). The volume of the object is the answer to this multiplication problem. Measure the height of the container from one water mark to the … Read more

If VAT is 20%, and an invoice inclusive of VAT is £100, what is the price of the invoice before adding VAT?

1 83 85 88       The term “inclusive of tax” refers to a price that contains the amount of tax. At the same time, the sum of VAT must be quoted separately on a tax invoice for the supply of those goods or services. On certain invoices, VAT is applied to the price … Read more

What is a sixteenth multiplied by a quarter?

0.64 0.016 0.04 0.125       In a company’s financial calendar, a quarter is a three-month cycle that serves as the basis for quarterly financial reporting and dividend payments. A quarter is one-fourth of a year and is normally denoted by the letters “Q1” for the first quarter, “Q2” for the second quarter, and … Read more

What is a negative number multiplied by a negative number?

zero positive negative infinitive     A negative number is a real number that is less than zero in mathematics. Negative numbers are the polar opposites of positive numbers. Positive denotes a rightward movement, while negative denotes a leftward movement. Negative represents below sea level, while positive represents above sea level. A deposit is represented … Read more

What is 640 multiplied by an eighth?

40 60 80 100       Multiplication (often represented by the cross symbol, the mid-line dot operator, juxtaposition, or, on computers, an asterisk *) is one of the four basic arithmetic operations. The others are addition, subtraction, and division. A product is the outcome of a multiplication operation. Multiplication of whole numbers can be … Read more

If a buyer asks you to infringe another companies T&Cs, e.g. Buying Social Media likes you should…

decline the job report the buyer accept the job ask for more money       Individuals use social media to communicate with their peers and extended families. Some people can use social media apps to network for job openings, find people with common interests all over the world, and share their opinions, feelings, perspectives, … Read more

If a buyer was difficult to work with should you…

give them a good review anyway give them no review  give them a bad review give them a fair review       In many ways, becoming a skilled buyer is a glamorous and strong career. However, the glitz and glam obscure the dedication and sharp intellect needed to succeed in this competitive field. Professional … Read more

If a buyer asks to take the project and payment off platform you should…

report the buyer do what the customer requests ignore the buyer refuse but not report the buyer       A “project billing system” is a method for calculating and billing the project costs to your clients. Important: After making an invoice based on this project’s expenditures, you will not be able to change the … Read more

If a buyer requests a refund, and you have not begun work you should…

start work and invoice them later offer to do something else for them offer a refund ignore the buyer     Give a full refund: You’ll give the customer a complete refund and they’ll keep the object. This may or may not include the original shipping rate, depending on your return policy. For low-value pieces, … Read more