What happens during Google’s indexation process?

Webpage data is saved in Google’s database for easy retrieval and ranking.  Information is gathered from other search engines.  Documents that Google has received are sorted.  Meaningful results are generated based upon the user’s search term     A page is indexed by Google if the Google crawler (“Googlebot”) has visited it, examined it for … Read more

What type of sitemap is the most important for SEO?

Mobile XML HTML  Image     The term “search engine optimization” refers to the process of optimising a website for search engines. It’s the practise of using non-paid (also known as “organic”) search engine results to improve the frequency and quantity of website traffic as well as brand visibility. The process of optimising your web … Read more

Where does the “mobile friendliness” test live?

Google  Moz  Screaming Frog  SEMRush     The term “mobile friendliness” refers to a website’s ability to load quickly on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Creating a separate mobile-optimized website (usually hosted on a mobile subdomain) and redirecting mobile users to it. Mobile SEO is the method of optimising a website … Read more

Which of the following does Google use to display the characters of a page’s meta title?

Pixel width Meta title character count  None of the above       The title of each page of a website is described by a meta title (also known as title tag), which is an element in the head section of an HTML document. Web browsers retrieve it, and search engines like Google use it … Read more

The best way to track performance for technical SEO is metadata.

True  False       A collection of micro-communications between your site and search engines is known as metadata. The metadata we use the most for SEO communicates essential information or requests unique actions to search engines directly from and page crawled. Metadata may appear odd because it isn’t immediately visible. Metadata is knowledge about … Read more

An HTML sitemap provides a list of internal links on a website accessible to users.

True  False       An HTML sitemap is an HTML page that lists all of a website’s subpages. It’s normally found in the site’s footer, where it’s open to all visitors. SEO Site Checkup’s sitemap tool is a fast and simple one to try – simply enter your URL and let them see if … Read more

Which of the following are important components of technical SEO?

CPC  CRM Usability  User testing       The method of optimising your website for crawling and indexing is known as technical SEO. With technological SEO, you can ensure that search engines can easily access, crawl, translate, and index your website. Since technological SEO is what tells search engines like Google that you have a … Read more

Where are you able to submit a sitemap to Google for indexing purposes?

Google Search Console  Moz  HTML  Directly in search results       Indexes are often intended to assist readers in quickly and easily locating information. They supplement the table of contents by allowing access to information by particular topic, while contents listings allow access to information by large divisions of the text organised in the … Read more

What is the most common fix for duplicate content?

Redirects  Migrating CMS platforms Canonicals  There is no fix       Duplicate content is described as substantial blocks of content within or across domains that either fully match or are appreciably close to other content. Duplicate content perplexes Google, forcing it to select which of the similar pages to rate first in the search … Read more

Which of the following is a white hat SEO technique?

Creating a subdomain with a highly popular keyword and creating duplicate copies of the existing pages on it. Filling your pages with keywords, whether relevant to the page content or not. Adding keyword-rich meta titles. None of the above.     The process of optimising your web content such that a search engine prefers to … Read more