Google Analytics 360 Exam Answers 2020 Assessment 6

Google analytics 360 answers

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About Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 gives your business the tools you need to better understand your customers. You can then use those insights to take action, such as improving your website, creating tailored audience lists, and more.Google Analytics 360 Suite consists of 6 products. Google Analytics 360, Google Optimize 360, Google Audience center 360, Google Tag Manager 360, Google Data Studio 360, Google Attribution 360. The whole combination costs you up to $150,000.

Why This Exam

Google Analytics 360 is an Exam conducted by google to test the knowledge of the user’s of the Google Analytics 360. Whether they are working in the company or the individual user using it. Then they provide the certificate if the user passes all the test and comes out with the passing marks or above

Why we are Providing these Answers

As you know that even if you are a user of the Google Analytics 360, there is a possibility that you are not knowing the official language they are asking for. Then you can give Exams by learning the knowledge from Here.

Google Analytics 360 Exam Answers 2020 Assessment 6

1. Which of the following are benefits of the DoubleClick Search reporting integration?

(select all that apply)

DoubleClick Search dimensions available in segments

DoubleClick Search data available in Multi-channel funnel and Attribution reports

Additional reports for organic search engine traffic

A new set of DoubleClick Search reports under Acquisition

2. Auto-tagging will ensure that traffic from your DS ads is consistently included in which Default Channel Grouping?



Paid Search

Organic Search

3. Which of the following are used to calculate ROAS?

(select all that apply)

Profit margins

Ad spend

Bid limits


4. If you want to identify generic keywords that are driving high site engagement, which DoubleClick Search report and metric would you view?

(select all that apply)

Bounce rate in DS Tree maps reports

Revenue in DS Campaigns reports

% New Sessions in DS Keywords Reports

Bounce rate in DS Keywords Reports

Acquisition > All Traffic reports

Acquisition > DoubleClick Search reports

This level of granularity is only available in the AdWords user interface.

Acquisition > AdWords reports

Google Analytics 360 Exam Answers 2020 Assessment 6

End of the Assessment 4th. If you have given all the answers from this page then Congratulations you have given the answers of all the questions Correctly.

Now after giving all the Assessments. Your result will declare and you will gain Certificate as shown in this Page.

You have to download that Certificate and Print it out if you need.

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