Google Analytics for Power Users Answers 2020 (All Assessments 1 to 4)

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About Google Analytics Power users

Google Analytics for Power Users is based on learners understanding of advanced in google analytics.Now that you know about the features about the Google analytics, take the most use of the tools available there for the conversion of visitors into customers and put knowledge into action. Put strategies into actions to perform better then others and performing e-commerce experience.

Why This Exam

Google Analytics for power users is an Exam conducted by google to test the knowledge of the user’s of the Google Analytics. Google Analytics for Power Users builds on learners’ advanced understanding of Google Analytics. When you’re familiar with the range of features Google Analytics offers, then put your knowledge into action. Learn and practice techniques for comparing users who convert with those who don’t, analyzing traffic sources that bring the most value, customizing channels for increased actionability, identifying top performing content on your site, and improving ecommerce performance.

Why we are Providing these Answers

As you know that even if you are a user of the Google Analytics for Power Users, there is a possibility that you are not knowing the official language they are asking for. Then you can give Exams by learning the knowledge from Here.

Where you can give this Exam

Here is the link of the Exam you can register on,Click Here.
Firstly you have to sign up there and after that you can give the Exam from the hints provided by this page.

Assessment 1 of Google Analytics for Power Users Certification Answers 2020

Most users who converted were using desktop.

The Google Store should optimize their site for tablet.

The Google Store shouldn’t bother developing for mobile.

There must be an issue with the checkout flow on desktop.

2. Which report, without additional configuration, shows e-commerce conversion rates for users on Tablets?

Conversions > E-commerce > Overview

Audience > Mobile > Overview

Audience > Cross-Device > Device Paths

Or Audience > Mobile > Devices

3. Which feature enables you to analyze up to 3 dimensions at once?

Explorer report

Primary dimension

Pivot table

Table filter

4. Which setting do you use to change the metric displayed in the table?





Assessment 1 of Google Analytics for Power Users Certification Answers 2020

End of the Assessment first. If you have given all the answers from this page then Congratulations you have given the answers of all the questions Correctly.

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