Google Analytics for Power Users Answers 2020 – Assessment 4

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About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is professional tool that is used to track down a website overall performance whether its the location of the visitors or the Landing pages of the visitors or the time they are spending on your website. It tracks down all the data and provide you reports so that you can optimize you website accordingly if you find out any problem in there.

Why This Exam

Google Analytics for power users is an Exam conducted by google to test the knowledge of the user’s of the Google Analytics. Google Analytics for Power Users builds on learners’ advanced understanding of Google Analytics. When you’re familiar with the range of features Google Analytics offers, then put your knowledge into action. Learn and practice techniques for comparing users who convert with those who don’t, analyzing traffic sources that bring the most value, customizing channels for increased actionability, identifying top performing content on your site, and improving ecommerce performance.

Why we are Providing these Answers

As you know that even if you are a user of the Google Analytics, there is a possibility that you are not knowing the official language they are asking for. Then you can give Exams by taking the Hints from Here.

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Google Analytics for Power Users Answers 2020 – Assessment 4

1. What actions must you take to enable Enhanced E-commerce in Google Analytics?

(Select all That Apply)

Implement Enhanced E-commerce on your website.

Enable Enhanced E-commerce Reporting in your Analytics view.

Enable Checkout Labeling in E-commerce settings.

Assign values to all Analytics goals.

2. What can the Product List Performance report be used for?

(Select all that Apply)

Identify a list of products to remove from your website.

Identify low performing Product Lists for optimization opportunities.

Analyze how the order of products in a product list may impact performance.

Compare product performance across multiple Product Lists.

3. In this Product List Performance report, which product list and list position is most efficient at driving product clicks?

Position 1 on the Homepage Promo list

Position 1 on the Similar Products list

The Position 3 on the Homepage Promo list

Position 3 on the Similar Products list

4. You’re evaluating whether high resolution product images on product detail pages is worth the investment. What metric tells you how often a product was purchased after its detail page was viewed?

Cart-to-Detail Rate

Buy-to-Detail Rate

Average Price

Product Adds

5. In this Product Performance report, which product indicates potential issues with the product details page?

22 oz. Mini Mountain Bottle

Travel Journal

Organic Basic T-Shirt

Men’s Heather T-Shirt

6. What can the Shopping Behavior Analysis report tell you?

(Select all that Apply)

How users moved from one stage of purchasing to the next.

Where users abandoned the shopping funnel.

Errors on the “Billing and Shipping” page.

Top channels driving sessions with check-outs.

7. In this Checkout Behavior Analysis report, which step in the checkout process should you optimize based on its drop-off rate?

Billing and Shipping



Sessions with Transactions

8. Which report would you use to build a segment of users who abandoned a specific step of the checkout path?

Shopping Behavior Analysis

Product Performance

E-commerce Overview

Checkout Behavior Analysis

(Select all that Apply)

Shopping Behavior Analysis

Product Performance

E-commerce Overview

Sales Performance

Google Analytics for Power Users Answers 2020 – Assessment 4

End of the Assessment 4th. If you have given all the answers from this page then Congratulations you have given the answers of all the questions Correctly.

Now after giving all the Assessments. Your result will declare and you will gain Certificate as shown in this Page.

You have to download that Certificate and Print it out if you need.

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