What are different types of Google certification exams

What are google online certification exams

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Basically there is a lot of exams that are conducted by different sites like GOOGLE, BING, SEMrush, etc.

But the most famous and reliable exam that we all know is Google Exams.

So what are the type of Google Exams and what that Exams are meant for?

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The number one Exam in the list that comes into play is the

1.)Adwords Fundamentals   

You know that one can take a Business Online on the Internet and get their online presence over there. What you think Is that Sufficient for that business to increase more sales. The Answer will be “NO”. Because along with the online presence there are Rankings that bring visitors to your website if your site is ranking on the first page. But what if your website is not ranking on the first page. Then the concept of Advertising Comes. Google has a sub-company called Google Ads Earlier called Google Adwords. Now How a person operates, How that works This Exam covers all that questions Related to that.

2.)Search Advertising   

We have discussed the Google Adwords Exam. Now we know that To gain visitors we need Rankings and to gain more unique visitors Google Adwords come into Game. Now, what are the type of Advertising that Google provides for the Business?

There are several different types of Advertising that Google provides. If you are an Adsense user then you might know that you have to select what type of advertising you want to show on your website but that’s not the point here. Those types don’t come in these types. The types of Advertisements will be discussed accordingly. The first we are discussing in this is Search Advertisements. Now the link that ranks in the top pages and has Ad in the prefix is the Search Advertisement. In this Exam, all those questions related to this field will come.

3.)Display Advertising 

If you have visited the Blogs or other websites then you should have noticed some blocks that are not a part of that topic or not even of that blog but they represent some business or something products to sell. They are Advertisements known as Display Advertisements. You will usually see this kind of advertisement for almost more than half of the websites you visit. The advertisements that display buttons like Download or Click here also are the display advertisements but they don’t actually have anything to download they just want visitors to come over there website and show them something they have published or some products they want to sell. But let me tell you something the visitors from these fake advertisements jumps or we can say bounces fast.

4.)Mobile Advertising 

Mobile advertisements are a form of advertisements that appears on mobile tablets or other devices that usually have small displays. These advertisements are usually different from normal advertisements because these types of advertisements have to show more in small spaces and small sizes.

5.)Video Advertising 

Are you using youtube, If Yes then you should know that a small video plays first when you click on a video or even 2 videos nowadays. That videos represent some business or products or even personalities. These kinds of advertisements come under video advertisements. They are usually short in duration or longer depending upon their types. Now people are migrating towards video advertisements because they usually are more successful in representing the products or personalities. Video advertisements are more on a hike on youtube but there is the presence of video ads on blogs also and on Applications, Games, etc. You are Reading What are different types of Google certification exams.

6.)Shopping Advertising

You must have heard of Amazon, Flipkart and other websites that act as a link between the buyer and the seller. But all those websites that sell products even themselves and do not involve any merchant to sell their product in their website comes under Shopping Websites. Now there are different advertisements for shopping websites and other websites like blogs etc.  You should have seen the products that comes on the top of the page when you search a product name. Now that advertisements of products come under Shopping Advertisements. The knowledge that is required in that Advertisements will be asked from you when you will give that Exam.

7.) Google Analytics Course

If you are a digital marketer then you may know about the websites and applications. You may also know that what time the visitor is coming on your site, from which location he/she is coming from, how much time does he/she spends on your website and what age group they belong to are all tracked by a Google product known as Google Analytics. If you have Google Analytics account setup on your website then you just simply can sit and track at what time the visitors are coming to your website and al the information related to your audience.

This Exam covers all the topics related to this procedure. In this only, the information that is required in this setup and all their related information will be required.

8.) Google My Business Course

If you own a business pr your clients owns a business and they have their online presence then you may know that googles another product which is Google business is also a very effective product especially for the business owners as well as their customers also because in this the google provides all the information about that business when you just search their name and also the map to get you to their address. This is a very good and very helpful product from google. How to set up those accounts and all the information that will be required from account setup to the visibility of their business comes into this exam.

9.) Google Analytics Individual Qualification

In Google Analytics Course only easy a very basic questions come into the exam but in Google Analytics Individual Qualification the syllabus is very vast a a lot of topics like General Knowledge, Analytics Tracking Code, Accounts, Views & Filters, Reports, Campaign Tracking, Channels, Sources & Mediums, Goals, eCommerce & Conversions, etc comes into the exam so this exam if you are thinking will be of same difficulty as of the previous Google Analytics Exam then you are wrong in this. You have to work hard to attain these certifications.

This was the topic about What are different types of Google certification exams.

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