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Basically there is a lot of exams that are conducted by different sites like GOOGLE, BING, SEMrush, etc.

The new in the Industry is SEMrush which conducts exams for SEOs.

So what are the type of SEMrush Exams and what that Exams are meant for?

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The number one Exam in the list that comes into play is the

 1.)  Keyword Research Exam           

As the name describes this exam is for the topic Keyword Research. It is the basic thing you should know if you are in this profession. The very first thing that comes in the mind when a person thinks of an article published. This is the first exam in the list of SEMrush Academy Tests.

 2.)  SEMrush Site Audit Exam               

You can think of an SEO Audit as an evaluation of a website that grades the site for its ability to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). Audits are completed by checking each step on your audit list and finding any issues that need to be repaired or improved to boost your page’s search engine performance. This is the second exam in the SEMrush Academy. It is also a very important exam in the SEO because you have to be very clear about the issues in your site and resolve them to gain rankings.

 3.)  SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam   

Semrush provides tools that the SEO analyzers use to analyze the competitor’s website and then using that information to rank your website. It is very advanced level tools that provide you exact information about the competitor’s website. In this exam, you will be asked questions related to those tools. This is the third one in the list of the exams.

 4.)  SEO Toolkit Exam for Advanced SEMrush Users         

SEMrush provides you normal tools with high-level advanced tools for SEO. Also, like SEO toolkit exams the same is this exam with a bit advanced level of questions. This is the fourth exam in the list of SEMrush Exams. You are reading this article on What are different types of SEMrush Certification exams.

 5.)  SEO Fundamentals Exam 

This exam covers the fundamental type of question that you have learned in the SEMrush academy. Some of the questions that are present over there are:

  • What is the approximate number of Google’s ranking factors?
  • To ensure the highest Google rankings, it will be enough to focus your efforts on just several main ranking factors.
  • What does PLA stand for?
  • The name of the URL element that is present on every page except the homepage?
  • What is sitemap.xml
  • What’s the difference between a 301 and a 302 redirect?

This is the fifth exam in the list of SEMrush Academy Exams.

 6.)  Technical SEO Exam

Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase. With technical SEO, you can help search engines access, crawl, interpret and index your website without any problems. You should know about technical SEO and answer those questions thoroughly. This is the sixth exam in the list of exams conducted by the SEMrush Academy.

 7.)  SEMrush for Digital Agencies Certification               

The Level of exams you pass the higher and difficult kevel the exam reaches. This is now the Seventh exam in the list. In this exam questions related to SEO and tools that the digital agencies use comes and a bit difficult from previous exams.

 8.)  Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Test   

We have covered the topic related to keyword research in the previous exams but this Test is a higher level than that exam because in this exam you have to analyze the competition related to the keywords and find the keywords very carefully. The keyword that has lower competition and the keywords that have high volume search. This is the eighth exam un the list of SEMrush academy exams.

9.)   On-Page and Technical SEO Test         

Three are two types of SEO that have to be done to rank higher in the list of URLs on google. If the proper On-page SEO and OF page SEO is done then there are chances of ranking your site higher than others. In the On-page SEO, you have to optimize your content and have to make it SEO friendly.

10.)  SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Exam   

Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. This is the 10th Exam in the list of SEMrush SEO academy.

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